Faces of Joy

Acrylic / mixed media on canvas

This piece is a Triptych
W: 180cm (x3) - H: 90cm


Pansies are always overlooked as they are so small and grow close to the ground. However I have a soft spot for these flowers as at the age of 13 my mother sent me to an art teacher around the corner from my house in Subiaco, Perth and the first thing she gave me to draw and paint was a pansy! I labored over the flower as I wanted to impress my mother that she had made the right choice to encourage my artistic leanings. These are three paintings of the same size but can be hung individually. You can also change the positions of each one. A great combo for near a window to the garden, above a long couch or a child’s bedroom. Each of the paintings in this triptych are signed on the back top corner.