Songs to a Tree – (1) 70x70cm – (2) 75x75cm – (3) 62x75cm

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Dahl’s work has luminosity and character as it captures the deep spiritual nature of “land” and growth, with its patterns, lines and shapes emphasized by colour.

She maps the vast contextual layering of the earth and the interconnectedness of human life with Flowers, Trees and all things living. Harnessing ancient, historical and contemporary references Astrid goes deeper into her subjects, often painting instinctually.

In Astrid’s work we begin to see a subliminal visual text. The visual becomes sound – whisperings, low murmurings past and present with half told stories entwining and colliding. These observations are symbolized by the textures, patterns and markings that pepper her textured earth and organic growth paintings.


Dear Astrid, Your prompt & professional response to my enquiry regarding details of artwork, delivery schedules and price, quickly assured me of any questions regarding my purchase. I now have an intimate glimpse into why you painted this beautiful piece and that my interpretation resonates. I am so excited to add this striking artwork to my collection which will give me Joy for decades to come. Gratitude and many thanks. Gillian.

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