Flowers and Nature

My “Nature’s Smiles” collection is based on the universal language of flowers.
Each bloom has a microcosm of life within or around it. Therefore many other creatures rely on each flower. Very much like a human community where people rely on each other. Then there is the different stages of the bloom. From unfurling its petals to the gradual disembodiment of the petals as it withers and dies, which then gives birth to seeds which perpetuate the species.

So all in all, we live with flowers our whole lives, from the bunches on our dining room tables to the ones growing in our gardens to the peppering of colourful blooms in parks and on our daily walks. They are all remarkable and beautiful and necessary for our wellbeing. There are ones reared in hothouses and even the simple wild ones in the meadows, always there bridging gaps in our emotional and spiritual lives, in prayers, smiling with laughter, celebrating our complex lives with sprinkles of happiness.

Offerings to the Moon 61x71cm

Chrysanthemum – Delicate but Strong – 150x80cm (SOLD)

Chrysanthemums for Dad – 59x84cm

Daffodil and the Rajasthan Princess – 80x120cm (SOLD)

Dreaming on the Patio – 120x80cm

Flower of the Field – 100x100cm

Flower of the Heart – 63x63cm

Flowers are kisses from Nature -70x100cm (SOLD)

Glorious Grevillea – 72x112cm (SOLD)

Greece, Leonard Cohen and I – 122x122cm

Happy Smiling Faces – 40x60cm (SOLD)

Hibiscus Jewell of the Orient – 100x150cm

Life is simple in its Complicatedness – 90x170cm

Lilys for Mourning and Joy (1) – 140x100cm

Lilys for Mourning and Joy (2) – 90x150cm

Lotus Blushing – 60x90cm

Morning Garden – 53x163cm

My Cabbage Soul – 70x100cm (SOLD)

My Darling Night Orchid – 90x70cm

My Flower is a Bouquet – 91x117cm

My Garden of Delights – 80x120cm

My Jasmine Flower of Perfume and Persistence – 150x113cm (SOLD)

My Love in the Night 100x150cm

Nature’s Brickabrac – 125x100cm

Orchid Love – 117x117cm

Queen of the Night Behind many Veils – 100x150cm

Rejoice – 155x131cm

She is my Passion – 71x61cm

She only wore her Bride Dress for one Night – 80x150cm (SOLD)

Sunflower Turning towards the Sun – 67x182cm (SOLD)

Sun soaked sunflower – 60x90cm

Suzy Wong – 61x91cm (SOLD)

Sweet Magnolia, I love You still – 113x150cm (SOLD)

Tibetan Snow Lotus – 60x80cm

Tiger Lily, Eyes burning Bright – 61x91cm (SOLD)

Unfurled bloom – 150x90cm (SOLD)

Bird of Paradise Lives in Paradise – 137x92cm

Buddha’s Child Flower – 80x120cm

Cherry Blossom at Twilight – 90x162cm

Daisy, Daisy, I am half Crazy over the Love of You – 60x90cm