2022 JAHROC GALLERY “Landscapes”
2021 JAHROC GALLERY “Natures’ Smiles” Flowers Summer exhibition
2019 Solo exhibition at the Chenglin Art Centre Shanghai.(abstract landscapes)
2018 Solo exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery Melbourne – Australia (abstract landscapes)
2017 Solo Exhibition at Private Gallery Singapore – SAIRA FINE ART
2016 Gallery ADA Shanghai (landscapes) – 2016 Didier Fine Art Foundation, Jakarta – (Conversations with Nature)
2015 HOLLANDAISE CLUB Singapore – September (Multi-focus)
2015 JAHROC GALLERY -– Margaret River WA Aust. (Landscape Poetry)
2013 JAHROC GALLERY – Margaret River Perth WA (new works)
2013 RED SEA GALLERY BRISBANE – QLD. Aust.(New works)
2012 GADFLY GALLERY – Perth WA – Transitions – (Landscape)
2011 ATRIUM GALLERY– Australian High Commission Singapore
2011 JAHROC GALLERY – Margaret River WA Aust (LANDSCAPES)
2009 JAHROC GALLERY – Margaret River WA Aust(LANDSCAPES)
2008 GADFLY GALLERY – WA ( Landscapes Ploughed and wild)
2008 MLC GALLERY – SYDNEY Aust (Landscapes – track and field)
2006 JAHROC GALLERY- Margaret River WA Aust–( Landscapes)
2005 ARTISTRY / ANNEX GALLERY – Melb.Vic Aust – ( Landscapes)
2005 JAHROC GALLERY– Margaret River WA Aust. – ( Landscapes)
2003 GADFLY GALLERY– Drifting in a sea of Dreams –Perth Aust (Landscapes)
2002 -2001- 1999 – GADFLY GALLERY – (Landscapes and Goddesses)
1997 MOORES GALLERY FREMANTLE WA. Australia (woodcuts based on J Dahl’s Poetry)

• Finalist in Doyles Landscape awards 2022
• Finalist in the Muswell Brook Landscape art Prize 2020
• Finalist in the Paddington Art Prize 2019
• Finalist in the Leithbridge Gallery Queensland Australia– Clayton UTZ award 2019
• Finalist in the London Sunny Art Competition for Contemporary Art Exhibition – 2018
• Finalist in the Brisbane Contemporary Art Competition – Australia 2017
• Finalist in the Bay of Fires Contemporary Art Competition Tasmania. 2017
• Finalist in OBI Art Competition Qld Aust. 2017
• High Distinction Medal Florence Biennale (Italy) – 2011
• Finalist in the John Leslie 2008 Landscape Prize Exhibition – Gippsland Regional Gallery Vic. Aust.
• Finalist in the Prometheus art awards 2007 Queensland Australia
• Finalist in the Soroptimists 50th Anniversary Exhibition 2003 WA
• First Prize Coolgardie Kaleidoscope Painting and Drawing – Western Australia -1997
• two awards Coolgardie Municipal Art Exhibition “Kaleidoscope” 2 awards WA – 1996
• Finalist in Burswood Art Award (WA) 1998
• Highly Commended City of Melville Art Award Exhibition 1995
• Finalist in WA Arts Industry Award 1994
• 2 Arts Industry Awards 1994 Sponsored by Gallery 360 (WA)
• Highly Commended -Windsor & Newton– Australian Awards 1993
• Merit Certificate – Mossman Park Purchase Award (WA)1991
• Finalist in the ACTA Maritime Touring Exhibition Vic. ‘85
• 4 Year Dip. of Art – RMIT Vic. – Diploma of Education – Teachers College Melb. Vic.
• Bachelor of Art and Art Education – Edith Cowan University WA –
• Masters of Art and Performance Art – Charles Sturt University NSW

I am Astrid Dahl, an Australian artist and began my study of art in Australia with a masters in Art, however I consider that I am still learning. I constantly experiment and after 45+ years of painting and teaching art I am still evolving. It is in the act of creating itself that most excites me. My aim is to reach beyond myself and let the creative forces take me above and beyond my initial expectations. In other words, to reach my highest level of self-expression.
My main focus is the landscape – not in the literal sense but its poetry, its spirituality, its philosophy and its distilled abstractedness. I process, discover and redefine my life through interpretations of the land – the Mother – my beginning and my ultimate end. I get my initial inspirations from travelling – Tibet, the Thar Desert India, The Great Sandy Desert and the Gibson Desert in Western Australia. I have travelled across the Nullarbor Plains 6 times by car, from Melbourne to Perth, collecting fragments, bottling the sands, sketching and taking photos to be used in later work.

In the 80s when I saw for the first time, the brick red earth, the clear azure blue sky and the sparse desert growth struggling to survive. I fell in love with the remote rawness of the out-back and saw an analogy to my own life at the time. I keep my connections with desert country having had a recent long camping trip, from Perth to Broome. The gathering of inspiration from this trip is still the subject for many landscapes since.
I think we all live in a desert and we try to populate it with our hopes and dreams, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. Everyone’s desert is different and at times not of our own choosing.

The materials I use varies with each painting and I waver between semi abstractness and some semblance of recognition. I enjoy making each piece unique in its concept. I use acrylics and sometimes combine it with oils and a variety of textures and mediums including gold and silver leaf. Each painting is on canvas, stretched on a wooden frame and varnished with a satin finish.

Australian Academic Qualifications
• 4 Year Dip. of Art – RMIT Vic. – Diploma of Education – Teachers College Melb. Vic.
• Bachelor of Art and Art Education – Edith Cowan University WA
• Masters of Art and Performance Art – Charles Sturt University NSW