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Most artists restrict their artistic focus on one particular theme which is repeated with variations throughout their entire careers. (on one hand, this makes the artist more identifiable regarding the galleries and buyers but on the other hand it also speaks of only dealing with the ‘known’ and not having the courage to explore the ‘unknown’)

However I put myself into the category of wanting to explore THEMES AND PROCESSES. I have multiple themes that recur depending on my environment, mood and reflective thoughts. But the underlying thread is that of “Nature” with all its complexities and nuances. I also use multiple artistic techniques to better clarify my vision. In that way, each theme is awarded its own uniqueness within the end result.

Plants and Trees have become the people in my landscape as a Sharman sees the spirits and souls in all animate and inanimate things. I hear their lives and growth as they converse with other living things and each other. I feel that our souls are linked to all that is in nature, including ourselves. We as humans are privileged to live among all that is deemed as the natural landscape.

Life itself is transitional and emotive responses are also subject to transitions during momentary contemplations. Each moment is different to the next therefore, the regularity of self-expression has to modulated, refreshed, recalibrated, and changed (moment by moment, day by day) to give the transitional nature of all things, space to live, breath and evolve.

Many lives exist in some of my works, with up to 3-4 layers, on certain pieces. They are constantly being returned to the easel for re-assessment or at times, re-invention even after I think I have concluded my investigations and arrived at the place of “stillness”. As Picasso once said – “no painting is finished, only abandoned”. However I prefer Paul Gaugin’s summation – “A painting is never finished – it simply stops in interesting places.”